Who Spooked The Horses


Current Horses:

Gary Nicholson - Guitar, banjo, vocals. Born of Scottish/Mancunian descent, the good and great Denis the Lawman played a major role in the early development of Gary's personal philosophy and belief system.
Di Nicholson - Vocals, guitar, kazoo.

Chris Mullarkey - Double bass. Born of Irish/ Italian parents in a small mining village in North East England, Christopher grew up in a household filled with the sounds of Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Howlin' Wolf and Leroy Van Dyke.
John France - Dobro. John France is a little known man about whom little is known. 
Joe Hopper Junior - Percussion. Born Coxlodge Gosforth sometime in the fifties next to the social club. Joe Hopper Senior. The greatest drummer in the world and a man I never knew long enough. Bess Hopper. The best friend I ever had and who's favorite day of the week was a Monday. (A brand new day and a brand new week).
Simon Fitzpatrick - Mandolin. Liberated from a celidh band. Much younger than he looks.